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President Lyndon B. Johnson is today remembered largely for his failure in Vietnam. But before the war sunk his presidency, LBJ compiled a record of accomplishment on the domestic front unmatched since FDR. Medicare, civil and voting rights, clean air and water, Head Start, immigration reform, public broadcasting — fifty years later, these programs are so deeply woven into the fabric of American life that it is difficult to imagine the country without them.

LBJ and the Great Society is a window on this transformative moment in U.S. history, and the larger-than-life figure at the center of it. Hosted by Melody Barnes, chief domestic policy advisor to Barack Obama and now co-head of the Democracy Initiative at the University of Virginia. The series is a sequel to LBJ's War (also available in this feed), which mined a largely unheard trove of recordings from the White House to tell the story of Johnson's ruinous misadventure in Vietnam.

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At last, perspective

LBJ, neither warmonger nor total victim of circumstance, revealed at last. These episodes are wonderful and informative. Very much looking forward to Season Two!


Very Relevant

“[The President’s] big job is not doing what’s right, but knowing what’s right.” LBJ


Must-hear history

Vivid and compelling, and immensely valuable. Every student of history, civics and political science should listen.


LBJ and the Great Society

History come alive. Where was this podcast when I was in high school? So good.


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Melody Barnes

Melody Barnes


Melody Barnes spent two decades in Washington, D.C., and served as President Barack Obama's chief domestic policy advisor. Today, she co-directs the Democracy Initiative at the University of Virginia and is teaching a class on the Great Society.

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